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separately managed account (SMA) is a portfolio of individual securities that Fenimore manages on your behalf. Together, we identify your long-term investment goals and develop a plan that suits your needs. 

  • Portfolios can include individual stocks and fixed income offerings
  • A dedicated Relationship Manager is assigned to each client to help keep you on track
  • You have access to the professionals managing your money
  • We serve high-net-worth individuals, families, businesses, foundations, endowments, pension plans, nonprofits, and other institutions

Fenimore strives to build our clients’ wealth over time while providing downside protection through individual stock selection as well as fixed income offerings.

Dividend Focus
Small Cap
Value/ Equity Blended
Fixed Income


In our experience, the best way to outpace inflation and build real wealth over the long term is to purchase shares of stock in a select number of carefully researched, quality, durable businesses at a margin of safety.

Our investment strategies adhere to this same approach as we seek to preserve and grow our clients’ capital.

Equity Strategies:

  • Value/Equity Blended focuses across the U.S. equity spectrum
  • Dividend Focus centers on mid-cap companies that pay a growing dividend
  • Small Cap consists of small, established, profitable businesses
  • Midcap concentrates on quality businesses in the mid-cap space

Fixed Income

We ultimately rely on our own research and analysis for appraising the creditworthiness of businesses issuing debt, assessing their ability to repay bondholders, and selecting quality securities.

Fenimore Select Fixed Income Portfolios

  • The primary objective is capital preservation with income generation.
  • The security selection process is focused on quality and positions are most commonly held until maturity.

Fenimore Select Balanced Portfolios

  • The investment objective is to provide both long-term capital appreciation and current income by investing in stocks, bonds, and cash.