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in an internship
at Fenimore?

Please include the following with your application:

  1. A Cover Letter with target internship hours and location
  2. Your Resume

“Fenimore has been supporting our community for generations. Our organizations steadfast commitment to the area is demonstrated through many programs. The Fenimore Internship initiative is one that permits us to engage with future financial professionals in a meaningful way, helping them learn about finance and professional services while building a better future for local residents.”

Liza Baran

Director of Shareholder Services

“Interning at Fenimore was an impactful piece of my career development. You truly learn from everyone and get the opportunity to increase your skill set across multiple sectors.”

Nicolette DiMaggio

Co-Director indexation research & lead investment associate equities – Willis Towers Watson and Author of Stock Explore


“A lesson I have learned at Fenimore is that investment research is much more than looking at a company’s financials. You need to understand the business, how they operate, and the management team’s goals and objectives.”

Ryan Hogan

Sacred Heart University, Class of 2023