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Fenimore is dedicated to identifying select, quality businesses that we believe can grow and produce attractive returns over time. This means conducting extensive due diligence on any business in which we may invest. Our fieldwork includes meeting with management, customers, and suppliers as well as on-site visits.


We manage risk (which we define as permanent loss of capital — not market volatility) by adhering to our enduring process and only investing in what we deem to be quality businesses. We believe in-person research is still the best way to ensure we are investing in quality businesses that meet Fenimore’s four core criteria.



Understandable business models, growing cash profitability, and defensible competitive advantages.



Strong financials including significant free cash flow generation and low leverage.



Proven and ethical management who focus on creating value and astute capital allocation.



A margin of safety, including balance sheet strength, long-term sustainable growth potential, and a discounted price based on our estimate of their intrinsic value.

Investor Testimonials

  • The Fenimore group is made up of true professionals. Not only are they good at WHAT they do – investment management, they are equally as good at HOW they do it. They communicate, are always available, and are timely in every respect.
  • Kevin [Director of Private Client Services] makes me feel like I could not have my life savings in a better place to see me through retirement.
  • Judy and I are very happy with the Fenimore staff and the investment results!!

    THANK YOU – Don H.

  • I have always had great advice and continued support with all my financial goals.

  • Service continues at the same high level that I am used to for all the years I have been with Fenimore.

  • Kevin Smith [Director of Private Client Services] is fantastic. He responds to all our inquiries very fast. He offers to meet as often as we would like and provides access to the investment teams as needed.

    Testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other customers. Testimonials are no guarantee of future performance or success. This is a client testimonial, no compensation was provided in exchange for this testimonial, and the person providing this statement has no material conflicts of interest.