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Traditional IRA Roth IRA
Maximum yearly contribution
Lesser of $7,000 or 100% of
earned income ($8,000 if age 50
or older)
Lesser of $7,000 or 100% of
earned income ($8,000 if age 50
or older)
Income limitation for
No Yes
Tax-deductible contributions Yes. Fully deductible if neither you
nor your spouse is covered by a
retirement plan. Otherwise, your
deduction depends on your
income and filing status.
No. Contributions to a Roth IRA
are never tax deductible.
Age restriction on
No. No.
Tax-deferred growth Yes. Yes; tax free if you meet the
requirements for a qualified
Required minimum
distributions during lifetime
Yes. Distributions must begin by
April 1 following the year you
reach age 73.
No. Distributions are not required
during your lifetime.
Federal income tax on
Yes, to the extent that a
distribution represents deductible
contributions and investment
No, for qualified distributions. For
nonqualified distributions, only the
earnings portion is taxable.
10% penalty on early
Yes, the penalty applies to taxable
distributions if you are under age
59 1/2 and do not qualify for an
No, for qualified distributions. For
nonqualified distributions, the
penalty may apply to the earnings
portion. (Special rules apply to
amounts converted from a
traditional IRA to a Roth IRA.)
Includable in taxable estate of
IRA owner at death
Yes. Yes.
Beneficiaries pay income tax
on distributions after IRA
owner’s death
Yes, to the extent that a
distribution represents deductible
contributions and investment
Generally no, as long as the
account has been in existence for
at least five years.


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