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A new year is the perfect time to review your investing goals. Below we’ve listed some simple actions that could make a big difference over time.

  1. PAY YOURSELF FIRST. Treat your savings like a bill that you must pay. Identify your savings goals, get started, or continue saving. Have a target to increase this each year if you can.
  2. PUT INVESTING ON AUTOPILOT. Dollar-cost averaging is a strategy that involves investing a fixed-dollar amount in regular intervals which can reduce risk during short-term market conditions. FAM Funds offers an automatic investing program that you can easily add to your account. 
  3. STAY THE COURSE AND THINK LONG TERM. There is an overwhelming amount of research that shows that long-term investing – even through a stock market downturn – yields better results over time than trying to time the market. It’s time in the market, not market timing, that counts.  
3 Investing Tips for the New Year