Fenimore Asset Management’s 2021 newsletter features:

  • Investment Insights from CEO John Fox: “You don’t have to know the future, but you do have to know your companies.”
  • President Deb Pollard’s message on Fenimore’s commitment to delivering useful investment knowledge to you when and where you want it.
  • Founder & Executive Chairman Tom Putnam’s article that explains the next step in Fenimore’s carefully designed evolution.
  • Year-end details on charitable gifts and IRA contributions.
  • All the latest on how the Fenimore team is growing for you — in numbers and service capabilities.
Thomas O. Putnam founded Fenimore in 1974 with two passions: conduct in-depth, firsthand, independent investment research and serve investors with excellence and integrity. Today Fenimore Asset Management, manager of the FAM Funds, is nationally recognized, yet locally rooted and independently owned. Decades have passed, but our approach endures.

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