FAM Small Cap Fund Portfolio Managers Andrew Boord and Kevin Gioia chat with Senior Vice President Anne Putnam about Fenimore’s relentless quest for quality small-cap stocks. This pursuit began in 1974 and continues today.

Podcast Highlights Include:
  • Fenimore’s proprietary, in-depth, quality and margin-of-safety screens.
  • Our select, investable universe.
  • Interesting examples of the types of holdings we seek.
  • Fenimore’s actively managed approach to constructing a concentrated portfolio of small-cap equities.
Thomas O. Putnam founded Fenimore in 1974 with two passions: conduct in-depth, firsthand, independent investment research and serve investors with excellence and integrity. Today Fenimore Asset Management, manager of the FAM Funds, is nationally recognized, yet locally rooted and independently owned. Decades have passed, but our approach endures.

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