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Anne Putnam, CEO, is honored to join Walter Thorne, Market President and Publisher of the Albany Business Review, for the Albany Executive Insights series, presented in partnership with the Albany Business Review. In Part 2 of this exclusive interview, Anne speaks to key differentiators as well as her vision, which includes:

  1. Building on Success
  2. Data Driven Outcomes
  3. Innovation

This sponsored interview about the Firm’s advisory services has been published by The Albany Business Review (“ABR”), a non-advisory client that provides various marketing services to Fenimore. Cash compensation was given in exchange for the publishing of this sponsored content. Due to Fenimore’s relationship with ABR, material conflicts of interest include but are not limited to a financial incentive to promote this sponsored interview. These compensated endorsements are intended to objectively showcase the Firm and its services; however, it is important to understand that compensation may have influenced the content of this article therefore we encourage clients and prospective clients to independently research and assess the Firm’s investment offerings, taking into consideration their unique financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment preferences before making any investment decisions.