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Fenimore Portfolio Manager, Will Preston, CFA®, shares his thoughts on investing at market highs.

The stock market has hit 14 “all-time” highs in the first two months of 2024. While this is great for portfolios, we understand it can also raise concerns about investing at market highs, particularly given the 9-month, -25% bear market that followed the last peak in early 2022. I’d like to reassure you that a long-term view is what matters most.

Compared to the last peak in January 2022, today’s investing backdrop is very different. In January 2022, inflation was +7.6% and rising, along with growing expectations that the Federal Reserve would have to raise interest rates to combat the persistent inflation. This of course turned out to be true with interest rates increasing 11 times in 16 months.

In February 2024, inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index, increased 3.2% year-over-year and has been trending down, supporting investor expectations that the Fed will not need to hike rates again this cycle. While some focus will remain on when the Fed will begin cutting interest rates, long-term company value creation continues to come from businesses growing earnings and cash flow.

Andrew Boord, Portfolio Manager - Fenimore Small Cap Strategy

Another contrast to the previous market peak was the speculative investments that drove a lot of the returns. The IPO market set a record in 2021 and we saw wild returns in meme stocks, SPACs (special purpose acquisition companies), and crypto. We do not see this speculative behavior today. 

Comparing trailing multi-year returns for these market indices as of the end of February 2024 against the same trailing multi-year periods at the end of 2021 illustrates the exuberance that existed in 2021.

2/29/2024 3-YR TR
S&P 500 11.91%
Russell Mid Cap 5.51%
Russell 2000 -0.94%
NASDAQ Composite 7.69%
12/31/2021 3-YR TR
S&P 500 26.07%
Russell Mid Cap 23.29%
Russell 2000 20.02%
NASDAQ Composite 34.26%

Performance data quoted above is historical. Past performance is not indicative of future results, current performance may be higher or lower than the performance data quoted. Investment returns may fluctuate; the value of your investment upon redemption may be more or less than the initial amount invested.

As you can see, trailing returns are closer to long-term US equity return averages compared to 2021, which should bode well for future return prospects. 

In summary, the current market environment has notable distinctions from that of 2021 and early 2022. Despite potential reservations about investing at market peaks, it’s important to remember that the stock market regularly achieves all-time highs, and today’s “peak” will inevitably be surpassed by a new market high in the future.

S&P 500 New all-time highs by year

Ultimately, when your objective, like ours, is to preserve and compound capital over the long term, it necessitates investors to stay invested irrespective of market conditions. This has been our philosophy for the last 50 years and will continue for the next 50.

Thank you for allowing us to be your trusted investment partner.

Will Preston, CFA®
Portfolio Manager, FAM Dividend Focus Fund

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