Dividend investing has been around for over 100 years, but for the last 25 years Fenimore Asset Management has been implementing its own style of dividend investing through the FAM Dividend Focus Fund by investing in the growth potential of the dividend over the long term versus its current yield.

Much has changed since 1996, when the 10-year Treasury was at 7%1 and money market funds would pay investors 5%.

Finding Growth in Dividends

And even the Fund’s name has changed in that time, but what has not changed is the return potential from investing in dividend-paying mid-cap companies that are on a growth trajectory.  The FAM Dividend Focus Fund Co-Managers evaluate every business in order to determine if it is best in class and can grow for years to come. Together they analyze whether the management team is strong and ethical, and why clients want to do business with the company to build the case for growth.

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“We kiss a lot of frogs to find the right businesses,” noted William Preston, Co-Manager. “We are looking for that company to be the best holding over the next five to 10-plus years. It’s truly an unrelenting focus on quality and it is one of the things we don’t compromise on.”

The Intrinsic Value of Dividends

But what value do dividends really add? Going back all the way to 1926, dividend income has constituted more than 30% of the monthly total return of the S&P 5002, according to analysts. At Fenimore, the dividend growth focus allows the team to determine not only whether a company is growing, but also creates guard rails around managements’ capital allocation. This trusted Fenimore strategy is dividend focused with a growth filter.

Since inception the FAM Dividend Focus Fund has produced 9.62% annualized. To see the full track record, click here. To learn more about how the FAM Dividend Focus Fund could add value to your portfolios contact us.

1Factset. 10 year was as high as 7%.

Thomas O. Putnam founded Fenimore in 1974 with two passions: conduct in-depth, firsthand, independent investment research and serve investors with excellence and integrity. Today Fenimore Asset Management, manager of the FAM Funds, is nationally recognized, yet locally rooted and independently owned. Decades have passed, but our approach endures.

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